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Location:Osaka, (states/regions/territories), Japan
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Community description:A community for all Kanjani8 fans
Welcome to the Kanjani8 community.
Everyone who is a fan or has an interest in the band is welcome.


In order for this place to stay friendly and welcoming to everyone please take a look at the community rules:

* No linking to locked posts. If you absolutely must have them, leave them open for a specified amount of time (no less than 2 days) and then lock them again. No posting asking for people to go to your (locked) journal for things either.

* Be respectful of everyone and their opinions, even if they disagree with yours. Any wank in posts or comments will be deleted. We're here because of our love for Kanjani8, not wank.

* Anonymous posting is not allowed and sockpuppet accounts are strongly discouraged.

*Tag your post. There will be common sense tags for everything, so please use them. If you don't know how to tag it, then check first before posting. Any posts with the comment 'I don't know how to tag this' will be deleted because that means you didn't read the rules or look at the tags.

*Downloads must be locked to the community and please do not disable comments. Give people the chance to love on you for what you're bringing to the community. =) Again, if you're linking to your own journal, posts must not be locked as per the rules. Any wank in comments to downloads will be deleted.

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